Monday, July 11, 2011

Minimal Decrease in Low-Severity Emergency Department Visits in Massachusetts after Implemention of Health Reform

A recent study shows that the level of low-severity ED visits in Massachusetts has decreased slightly and overall ED use has increased since its implementation of health reform in their state in 2007.  This is the opposite of what was proposed when their health reform was enacted (it was believed that overall ED visits and low-severity visits would decrease).  Some believe that there is still not enough primary care available for the newly insured and that others have not changed their habits yet and still use the ED for primary care visits.  I feel that it still too early to see the effects of health care reform and that eventually the numbers of lower severity visits to ED's will decrease when (and if) more primary care providers are available to see the patients.   A link to the article on this subject can be found here:

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