Thursday, September 13, 2012

Are Health Care Workers Ethically Obligated to Receive Influenza Vaccinations?

I recently wrote a post about a new law in Texas requiring health care facilities to require their employees to obtain vaccinations, including the influenza vaccination. The National Vaccine Advisory Committee also announced that health care facilities should consider requiring their employees to receive influenza vaccinations. 
I then came across a very interesting perspective.  An ethicist recently wrote an article about this topic, proposing that health care workers are ethically obligated to get the influenza vaccination.  I agree with his view point.  Influenza is a very communicable, but preventable disease.  Health care providers are susceptible to obtaining the virus from their patients, and passing it on to other patients.  By nature, we are also tempted, even feel obligated to work when ill (and still infectious).  We take an oath to do no harm to our patients, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to obtain vaccinations for communicable diseases.
A link to the article can be found here:
Why Hospital Workers Should be Forced to Get Flu Shots,


  1. The answer is "Yes, of course". As the healthcare workers come across different patients to cure their diseases, there always be an option to affect with influenza. And to avoid such types diseases they should be obligate to take the medicine. Then only they will cure themselves and their patients with various diseases.
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  2. Yes off course because they are in contact of the patient therefore they should get vaccinated to prevent the virus to attack to their body.
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